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OWL - The Optix 7 Wrapper Library

What is OWL?

OWL is a OptiX 7 based library that aims at providing some of the convenience of OptiX 6's Node Graph API on top of OptiX 7. This aims at making it easier to port existing OptiX 6-style applications over to OptiX 7, and, in particular, to make it easier to get started with OptiX 7 even without having a full grasp of things like Shader Binding Tables, Multi-GPU rendering, etc.

OWL is still in early stages, which means that it as yet lacks many of the features that OptiX 6 offered, and in particular, that many things are still changing rather rapidly; however, it already contains several working mini-samples, so at the very least should allow to serve as a "show-and-tell" example of how to set up a OptiX 7 pipeline, how to build acceleration structures, how to do things like compaction, setting up an SBT, etc.

For a (very) rough idea of how the node graph API works, see this brief walk-through through the ng05-rtow sample.

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