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OWL - The Optix 7 Wrapper Library

What is OWL?

OWL is a convenience/productivity-oriented library on top of OptiX 7.x, and aims at making it easier to write OptiX programs by taking some of the more arcane arts (like knowing what a Shader Binding Table is, and how to actually build it), and doing that for the user. For example, assuming the node graph (ie, the programs, geometries, and acceleration structures) have already been built, the shader binding table (SBT) can be built and properly populated by a single call owlBuildSBT(context).

In addition, OWL also allows for somewhat higher-level abstractions than native OptiX+CUDA for operations such as creating device buffers, uploading data, building shader programs and pipelines, building acceleration structures, etc.

Fore more details on OWL, please see the following resources:

Key Concepts Supported in OWL

OWL builds on the following key concepts:

Currently still Missing Functionality